Mars and the Science of Cocoa

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Body CirculationFew things are as important to our daily lives as healthy circulation. When your blood vessels are healthy, they can quickly respond, allowing the smooth flow of blood. This allows oxygen and nutrients to reach your heart, lungs and other vital organs and tissues, helping you to perform at your best. Over the past decade, a number of studies have demonstrated that cocoa, and more specifically, certain phytonutrients in cocoa, can help support your body’s circulation.†


The big secret: Cocoa Flavanols

While cocoa as a plant is increasingly recognized for its healthful properties, scientists have learned more about how specific compounds in cocoa are linked to its health properties. Specifically, scientists have uncovered that certain phytonutrients in cocoa, the cocoa flavanols, can positively influence the body’s vascular system. In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanols can help keep blood vessels healthy and support healthy circulation.†


Science HeaderMARS—a leader in cocoa research.

With over 140 published papers on cocoa and a research program which spans nearly two decades, Mars, Incorporated, is a leader in cocoa research. With numerous studies and patents on cocoa flavanols, no one else can offer a product like CocoaVia®. The following is a selection of research papers that demonstrate the science behind cocoa flavanols and the research that has gone into Mars Botanical™ products.


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