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CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement is brought to you by Mars Symbioscience, the global health and life sciences segment of Mars, Incorporated. The team at Mars Symbioscience is focused on evidence-based product development. An idea incubator, Mars Symbioscience is headquartered in Germantown, Maryland.

The CocoaVia team, a division of Mars Symbioscience, is focused on research and product development involving cocoa extract and cocoa flavanols, building on the 20-year heritage of the global scientific leadership of Mars, Incorporated. Scientists at Mars, Inc. have investigated the health and biomedical potential of cocoa flavanols while establishing a sustainable, certified source of cocoa traceable from pod to product. Our business focuses on research and product development involving cocoa extract and cocoa flavanols. We source and harvest cocoa with your health in mind. We create high quality products with cocoa flavanols. They are backed by gold-standard scientific research and we are committed to delivering real health benefits for you.


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