Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, 30 Count Box

Enjoy the bold and bitter taste of dark chocolate with CocoaVia® Unsweetened Dark Chocolate stick packs. 30 powdered stick packs per box.


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Not all cocoa is created equal.™

The cocoa bean packs some of nature’s most powerful phytonutrients called cocoa flavanols to help our body stay in tune. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that these cocoa flavanols promote healthy blood flow from head to toe. Our heart, brain, and muscles depend on a healthy circulatory system. It helps us feel our best and perform at our highest. And supporting healthy blood flow is essential to helping you maintain who you are for years to come.

The concentrated cocoa extract in CocoaVia® daily supplement is made using our patented Cocoapro® process. CocoaVia® dietary supplement is intended for personal individual use.


  • No sweeteners or added sugars—allowing you to sweeten your creations your way!

  • Mix into 8-12oz of smoothies, shakes, milks and coffee. Use more or less liquid to make it just the way you like it.

  • Enjoy the bitter and bold taste of dark chocolate? We recommend you enjoy the Unsweetened stick packs as is.

  • If you prefer a less intense experience, we recommend adding a sweetener/sugar of choice in order to customize this flavor to your liking.

  • Each convenient single-serving stick has 25 calories, 0.5 g of fat, and 0 g of sugar.

  • There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in CocoaVia® daily cocoa extract supplement.


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