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CocoaVia®, a division of Mars, Incorporated, is committed to creating a sustainable, certified source of cocoa from pod to product. We work closely with Indonesian farmers to plant, harvest and cultivate their fruit - ultimately increasing their profitability and improving the quality of life for local communities.

Through our cocoa sustainability programs, we are making a positive difference around the world. As a leader in research and innovation, we help bring the environmental, economic and social benefits to farmers and their communities.

For decades, Mars, Incorporated has helped bring together the cocoa industry with leaders in related fields to create and fund beneficial research programs. These programs include education and training for farmers, development of pest/disease resistant cocoa crops, and other pioneering avenues for cocoa research.

How CocoaVia® is Made

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Our patented Cocoapro® process maximizes the amount of cocoa flavanols available to you.

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Investing in Indonesia

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We're committed to cocoa sustainability in the beautiful country that's at the heart of CocoaVia® products.

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Scientific Leadership

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Mars, Incorporated has researched the health benefits of cocoa flavanols for more than 20 years.

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The History of CocoaVia®

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We started a cocoa revolution - and we're still going strong.

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