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For more than 20 years, Mars, Incorporated has been a leader in cocoa flavanol research. With world-class scientists dedicated to understanding how cocoa flavanols interact within the body and contribute to overall health, Mars, Inc. scientists are making exciting discoveries that will benefit human health for years to come.

Mars, Inc. has published more than 140 papers on cocoa science. In the course of this research, Mars Inc. scientists in collaboration with some of the world’s leading scientists have uncovered the benefits of cocoa flavanols to human health. In fact, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that the consumption of cocoa flavanols can promote healthy blood flow from head to toe. The benefits of cocoa flavanols begin to emerge at intakes around 200 mg, and the benefits to the vascular system can be sustained with regular consumption.

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We started a cocoa revolution - and we're still going strong.

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