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To further support our cocoa farmers in Indonesia and our commitment to cocoa sustainability, Mars Botanical is proud to offer a selection of Cocoa Paper (formerly MyCocoaPaper) products on our site. Making handmade paper is a time-honored tradition. Cocoa Paper is a line of handmade, sustainable paper derived from cocoa tree bark grown in the cocoa farming communities where we source our ingredients. This process of sustainable paper making pays the wages of our paper makers in a fair and impactful way. 

How Cocoa Paper supports cocoa sustainability:

  • Uses sustainable inputs of approximately 60% cocoa bark and 40% recycled paper
  • Encourages the habit of pruning trees, a sustainable farming practice that results in healthier trees
  • Provides additional income to artisans and cocoa farming communities from where cocoa flavanols are derived and the paper is made

As cocoa tree branches are pruned, farmers strip the bark from the wood and sell it to our paper manufacturer so that it can be made into recycled cocoa paper for our products. The result is higher cocoa yields for farmers and additional revenue streams for families. They keep the stripped branches for themselves as they have valuable uses for cooking and starting fires. Bark stripping and pruning are only two ways that Cocoa Paper helps these communities.

As Mars Botanical, we also use Cocoa Paper for our business needs, like for business cards. We hope you will join us in our effort to promote cocoa sustainability.

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