Cocoa Flavanol Power.

Science. It drives innovation. It drives you.

Science also drives the power behind CocoaVia® supplement. We've invested more than two decades of scientific research into the benefits of cocoa and cocoa flavanols, and there have been more than 140 scientific publications on cocoa flavanols. Found naturally in cocoa beans, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that the cocoa flavanols in our cocoa extract promote healthy blood flow from head to toe – and healthy blood flow is one key to living and aging well.

CocoaVia® supplement is the only cocoa extract supplement made using the patented Cocoapro® process. We guarantee the highest concentration of cocoa flavanols available in a cocoa extract supplement today.



One serving of CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement delivers a measured amount of powerful cocoa flavanols.
Cocoa flavanols work with your body to maintain healthy levels of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide helps maintain healthy blood vessels by supporting the smooth, easy flow of blood to all parts of your body.




Nitric oxide helps maintain healthy, relaxed blood vessels.
Healthy blood vessels enable the transport of oxygen and nutrients more easily to organs and tissues.
With healthy blood flow, your entire body is supported — from head to toe and everything in between - helping you be your best at any age.

Cocoa Flavanol Benefits

A scoop of rich, toasted-brown cocoa powder.

Cocoa beans are the foundation for more than just chocolate — the cocoa flavanols found naturally in cocoa beans promote healthy blood flow from head to toe.

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Wellness + Circulation

A flexible figure practicing yoga.

What does a healthy circulatory system mean for you? Healthy blood flow is a key to a healthy you.

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