What are cocoa flavanols?

First, you have to start with flavonoids.

Flavonoids represent a diverse class of naturally occurring plant-based compounds that are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Flavanols are a distinct group of compounds within the flavonoid family. They are the predominant flavonoids found in tea, red wine and cocoa.

Cocoa flavanols are the unique blend of phytonutrients found only within the cocoa bean. No other food on Earth can match the unique blend of flavanols found in cocoa beans. Research has shown that cocoa flavanols can help support the body’s vascular system. In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanols can help support blood vessel health and help support healthy circulation.

Scientific studies demonstrate that within a few hours of consuming a product with cocoa flavanols, the cocoa flavanols start to help support your circulatory system, a key to cardiovascular health.

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