Cocoa Trees In Indonesia.

Not all cocoa is created equal.™

Although all chocolate is made from cocoa beans, not all chocolate or cocoa-based products contain cocoa flavanols because most traditional cocoa handling and processing procedures can destroy them. That’s why the percent of cocoa (cacao) is not a reliable indicator of the level of cocoa flavanols. Gentle handling and processing of the cocoa bean, from harvesting of the bean through delivery of product, are critical in preserving the cocoa flavanols.

Mars, Incorporated scientists perfected and patented a process known as Cocoapro®, which extracts the cocoa flavanols from the cocoa bean. This process preserves and protects the flavanols that are usually destroyed during normal cocoa handling and processing.

CocoaVia® is made using our patented Cocoapro® extract process that not only extracts the cocoa flavanols directly from the seed of the cocoa fruit, but preserves them in the highest concentration available.


Be sure to look for the Cocoapro® symbol on your cocoa or chocolate products!