Chocolate is Good. Cocoa Flavanols Are Good For You.

Cocoa Flavanol Comparison

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The Truth Is, The Benefits of Chocolate Come From Cocoa Flavanols–not percent cocoa or the darkness of the chocolate.


Cocoa Flavanols–the good-for-you phytonutrients found in our cocoa extract–are scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation† by helping your blood vessels stay flexible and expand as needed, even as you age.

Heart, brain and eye health–even exercise performance–depend on a healthy circulatory system, which supports your total health.


Not All Cocoa is Created Equal™


Although all chocolate is made from cocoa beans, a natural and abundant source of cocoa flavanols, not all chocolate or cocoa products contain significant amounts of cocoa flavanols. That’s because most conventional cocoa handling and processing often destroys these natural compounds.


Gentle handling, which can be obtained through the patented Cocoapro® process, is crucial in preserving cocoa flavanols in the highest concentration available–guaranteed.

CocoaVia® is a powdered, daily cocoa extract supplement that delivers 250 mg of cocoa flavanols in every serving. Guaranteed.


*Cocoa Powder: Average values based on testing a selection of cocoa powders regularly found in US supermarkets - Oct. 2011.

**Chocolate: Average values based on testing a selection of dark chocolate from leading US manufacturers - Oct. 2011.