The scientists at Mars, Incorporated have been studying cocoa flavanols for over 20 years, resulting in over 150 scientific papers – making it one of the most highly-researched plant-based nutrients in the world. Amongst these papers are over 30 clinical studies proving the efficacy of cocoa flavanols across a variety of health benefits, including heart, brain and total body health.

Read some of the research below and see how cocoa flavanols can support your heart and brain health.

Heart Health

Cocoa flavanol intake improves endothelial function and Framingham Risk Score in healthy men and women: a randomised, controlled, double-masked trial: the Flaviola Health Study.

British Journal of Nutrition, Oct 2015

Brain Health

Enhancing dentate gyrus function with dietary flavanols improves cognition in older adults.

Nature Neuroscience, Dec 2014

Total Body Health

Safety and efficacy of cocoa flavanol intake in healthy adults: a randomized, controlled, double-masked trial. 

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dec 2015

Heart Health

Methylxanthines enhance the effects of cocoa flavanols on cardiovascular function: randomized, double-masked controlled studies. 

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Feb 2017

Brain Health

Benefits in Cognitive Function, Blood Pressure, and Insulin Resistance Through Cocoa Flavanol Consumption in Elderly Subjects With Mild Cognitive Impairment: The Cocoa, Cognition, and Aging (CoCoA) Study.

Hypertension, Sept 2012

Total Body Health

The metabolome of [2-(14)C](-)-epicatechin in humans: implications for the assessment of efficacy, safety, and mechanisms of action of polyphenolic bioactives.

Scientific Reports, July 2016

Heart Health

Assessing the respective contributions of dietary flavanol monomers and procyanidins in mediating cardiovascular effects in humans: Randomized-controlled, double-masked intervention trial.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Oct 2018

Brain Health

Cocoa flavanol consumption improves cognitive function, blood pressure control, and metabolic profile in elderly subjects: the Cocoa, Cognition, and Aging (CoCoA) Study--a randomized controlled trial

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2015

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