The Research
Speaks for Itself

We’ve been at the forefront of a scientific revolution to support human health through cocoa flavanols.

Supplements Backed by Science

The scientists at Mars, Incorporated, in collaboration with leading scientists and universities around the globe have been studying cocoa flavanols for over 20 years, resulting in over 150 scientific papers – making it one of the most highly-researched plant-based nutrients in the world.

Clinical studies show that taking high levels of cocoa flavanols daily – like you get with CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplements –can improve your memory, support your cardiovascular health, and provide other health-boosting benefits. Here are some highlights.

Heart Health Studies


Improved Blood Vessel Function

Research in a heart health study showed that healthy adults between the ages of 35 and 60 who consumed about 400 mg of cocoa flavanols twice daily for one month experienced a 21% increase in blood vessel function.*

blood pressure

Healthy Blood Pressure

A daily intake of cocoa flavanols was shown to support healthy blood pressure levels even in healthy adults.*


Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Healthy adults who included cocoa flavanols in their diet daily for 4 weeks also experienced healthy cholesterol levels relative to those who didn’t consume them.

*Sansone et al. 2015 British Journal of Nutrition , Volume 114 , Issue 8, 28 October 2015 , pp. 1246 - 1255

Black outline of a heart with an offset orange background

Memory Studies

Over 10 Years of Memory Research

Can cocoa flavanols help you remember names?

After taking about 750 mg of cocoa flavanols daily for 8-12 weeks, the amount in CocoaVia™ Memory+, study participants experienced a 31% improvement in word recall and were able to complete a brain test an average of 21% faster.

  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 2014

Sometimes forget the way?

Research showed that in just three months, healthy adults who took ~750mg of cocoa flavanols were able to complete spatial memory tasks 24% faster compared to the control group.

Those who took ~750mg of cocoa flavanols also had 62% more blood flowing to the parts of the brain associated with age-related memory loss than they did before the study began.

  • Nature Neuroscience, October 2014