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The Most Clinically Proven Flavanol Backed By:

  • twentry plus

    Years of Scientific Research

  • hundred and fifty plus

    Published Scientific Papers

  • Thirty Plus

    Clinical Studies with Leading Research Institutions

  • Cocoa flavanols are bioactive compounds found in the cacao plant.

    Only CocoaVia™ is made with the proprietary Cocoapro™ cocoa extract, the highest concentration of
    cocoa flavanols found in a supplement today. Cocoapro™ extract is 24x more concentrated than the cocoa flavanols in natural cocoa powder*.

    Made from cocoa beans grown in Indonesia, where the tropical climate and fertile soil create the ideal environment for cocoa trees to prosper.

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  • Hand with cocoa beans

Our Cocoa is Carefully Cultivated with Quality at Every Stage

  • Traceable Cocoa Supply

    Traceable Cocoa Supply

  • Plant Based Ingredient

    Plant-Based Ingredient

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  • Non GMO


CocoaVia™ is Clinically Proven to:

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