Improve your memory

CocoaVia™ Memory+ Supplement

Improve your memory

CocoaVia™ Memory+ Supplement

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Backed by Studies that Show:


Results in 8-12 Weeks

Points A to B

+24% Spatial Memory

+14% Long-Term Memory


+31% Word Recall


Improved Brain Blood Flow

The Most Proven Flavanol Bioactive

Cocoa flavanols are one of the most researched plant-based nutrients.

Backed By:

20+Years of Scientific Research

150+Published Scientific Papers

30+Clinical Studies with Leading Research Institutions

It’s the same ingredient and level used in the landmark COSMOS study – the largest clinical study on cocoa flavanols and cardiovascular health, making it the most studied flavanol bioactive in the market today!

Plant-Based Ingredient. Real Results.

Cocoa flavanols deliver great health-boosting benefits, but levels vary dramatically in foods, so taking a daily cocoa flavanol supplement like CocoaViaTM is an easy and convenient way to incorporate cocoa flavanols into your diet.

The cocoa flavanols level in CocoaVia ™Memory+ delivers improved blood flow to the brain, increased oxygen and nutrient delivery and proven memory and brain function benefits.


Plant-based Ingredient






Traceable Cocoa Supply

Real Science. Unbeatable Results.

+ 31% Increase in Word Recall

Are you often asking yourself “…what was their name again?”

In a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants who took ~750mg of cocoa flavanols daily improved their word recall by 31%. You might never need to peek at a name tag again!

+24 % Enhanced Spatial Memory

Misplaced your keys lately?

In a study conducted by Columbia University, participants took either ~750mg or ~30mg (control group) of cocoa flavanols.

  • They were given a memory test at the beginning and after a 12-week period.
  • Participants in the ~750mg cocoa flavanol group performed the memory test 24% faster than the control group. Just think, you’ll be turning the ignition in no time!

+14% improvement in long-term memory Cognition and Diet

Scientists at Columbia University studied the role of diet on cognitive performance, including memory, and whether adding cocoa flavanols to it could help support memory.

  • The effects of cocoa flavanols on memory were greater in people with less healthy diets.
  • Those in the high flavanol group, and with a low diet quality, remembered 14% more words in a list learning test than the control group after 12 weeks.

An added benefit: proven heart health support

Cocoa flavanols are also proven to be promote key aspects of cardiovascular health.

ARTERIESSupports Flexible & Healthy Arteries

blood pressure iconPromotes Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

CIRCULATIONImproves Circulation

HEALTHY CHOLESTEROLPromotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels

By taking CocoaVia Memory+ you’ll be not only taking care of your brain health, but also taking steps to support your heart every day.

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