Fall is the perfect time to pick up new activities. The temperature is dropping, and the breeze is picking up. Here are five easy ways you can welcome Fall:


Couple walking dog

Take Long Mindful Walks

Mindful movement, especially walking, is a great way to stay healthy and reduce stress. Research published by Penn State University found that mindful movement, any movement that is done with focus and sensory awareness, reduces stress and improves mindfulness in all areas of life. Practice mindfulness while walking outdoors by using your five senses to be fully present in the moment. Notice the changing colors of foliage, the golden fall light, the crunching of leaves, and the cracking of twigs under your feet.

Breathe deeply and turn off the chatter in your mind. Smell the crisp scent of change in the air. Revel in the beauty of nature this fall with mindful walks outdoors.

Pumpkin Soup

Get Cooking!

The change in season is the perfect time to switch up your menu as well. Start by looking for seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, butternut squash, Brussel sprouts, and kale. Consider adding root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and parsnips to your meals for grounding during the changing season. Food and Wine has a great list of fall produce with delicious recipes to go with each. Cooler temperatures and darker evenings make soups and slow-cooked stews the perfect all-in-one fall meals. Country Living has list of 71 fall soup recipes to start simmering. Fill your home with the delicious aromas of fall and enjoy warm seasonal dishes. Taste the flavors of fall today!

Dog cozying up

Cozy Up!

Pull out your softest blankets, light a candle, and curl up with a good book or your favorite fall movie. Town and Country compiled a fabulous list of fall films to get you in the mood for the new season. When Harry Met Sally, anyone?! Yes, please! Or, grab a book off of the queen of all book clubs, Oprah’s list of 26 Best Fall Books. Fall-ify your favorite warm beverages by adding a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice to your coffee, chai, or tea. Taking time for relaxation is important for stress relief and overall wellness. What better way to do that than to indulge in some classic fall favorites while sipping a fall-infused drink?!

Couple with bicycle


This is the perfect time to not only pull out your cozier clothing, but also look back at your spring/summer wardrobe and purge the things you didn’t wear. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months, get rid of it. Don’t put anything away for next year that you didn’t enjoy wearing this year.

Even if you live somewhere warm, you can still add some fall style to your wardrobe like ankle boots or a light-weight scarf over a sleeveless top. Besides trading sandals for closed-toe shoes or ankle boots, you can switch up your color pallet to reflect the changing season. Pull out ochres, army-green, plum, burgundy, earth tones, and of course, classic black to welcome the new season in style!

two kids playing with leaves

Fall Back

Think about your favorite memories from fall. Was it raking leaves into a big pile only to jump into them? Do that with your grandchildren the next time they are over! Was it going apple picking? Put it on your to-do list! If those memories aren’t coming to you as quickly as you would like, don’t worry, as it is normal for brain function to decline as we age, impacting memory and other cognitive functions. If you want to try to give your memory a boost, cocoa flavanols could help. Cocoa flavanols increase blood flow throughout the body, including parts of the brain that are sensitive to aging and memory loss, delivering the high levels of oxygen and nutrients that your brain needs to maintain optimal performance.

Check out the cocoa flavanol supplement, CocoaVia™ Memory+ that has been proven to improve these three different aspects of memory: spatial memory, word recall, and long-term memory.

Fall is the perfect time to turn inward, enjoy the comforts of your home, explore new flavors and aromas in the kitchen, refresh your style, and enjoy nostalgic fall favorites in entertainment. Be intentional about enjoying the new season with these fun tips! Happy fall y’all!