Cocoa flavanols are having a moment. Thanks to a growing body of rigorous scientific research, cocoa flavanols have solidified their status as cardiovascular health superstars. And consumers are taking note.

Why Cocoa Flavanols are Good for Us

Flavanols are plant-based powerhouses, with different forms of flavanols found in many foods and drinks, like tea, apples, blueberries, grapes/red wine, and cocoa. The particular mixture found in cocoa is called (surprise!) cocoa flavanols.

Cocoa flavanols work by increasing natural levels of nitric oxide in the body, which signals our blood vessel walls to relax and blood vessels themselves to widen, allowing for the smoother flow of blood within. When you consider the heart pumps more than 2,000 gallons of blood throughout your body every day, the wide-ranging benefits of having healthy blood vessels become pretty obvious.

Our blood vessels are like a highway system, carrying vital oxygen and nutrients to every cell, head to toe. So cocoa flavanols not only support a healthier cardiovascular system, but they also support the health of your entire body by keeping things flowing smoothly so all parts of you are nourished. In addition, there is evidence to support that the benefits extend to maintaining healthy blood pressure, as well as improving cognitive function (such as thinking, learning, and remembering).

More flavanols are better…

When it comes to health benefits, studies show the level of flavanols you consume matters. You can start to see the benefits of cocoa flavanols by consuming around 200 mg, with higher levels (400-750mg) having been shown to offer important benefits to your heart and brain.

Case in point: in a study on the effect of cocoa flavanols on cognition, participants who consumed cocoa flavanols daily showed a significant improvement in cognitive function after just eight weeks. In a test of verbal recall ability, those consuming a 400mg concentration of cocoa flavanols daily saw a massive 13% improvement in their ability to recall words. Get the details in a recap of the study here.

…but don’t be too quick to stockpile chocolate

Even though chocolate is a tasty treat, the chocolate-making process is basically lethal to cocoa flavanols.
Fermenting, drying, and roasting cacao beans damages the flavanols’ delicate structure. So chocolate—even the darkest of dark—might or might not have any flavanols at all. And there’s typically no way to tell.

Another caveat: chocolate has fat, carbs, and calories. To consume the right level of flavanols (which aren’t guaranteed to be in the chocolate in the first place), you’d have to eat a lot of it.

The Next Big Thing in Cocoa Flavanols

For these evidence-based, health-related reasons, the smart way to get cocoa flavanol’s heart-and-brain-boost is to consume it as a supplement.

And the next big thing in cocoa flavanols is CocoaVia™ cocoa extract supplements, which has named as its top pick for cocoa flavanol products. Here’s why:

  • Rigorous research shows CocoaVia™ supports brain and heart health by promoting healthy blood flow. In fact, the flavanols in CocoaVia™ are one of the most highly-researched plant-based bioactives in the world. They’re backed by 20+ years of rigorous research and more than 30 clinical studies proving the efficacy of cocoa flavanols across a variety of health benefits, including heart, brain, and total body health.
  • Each CocoaVia™ serving is guaranteed to contain 500 mg of cocoa flavanols, the highest level available in any supplement on the market today.
  • CocoaVia™ products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • CocoaVia™ is available in capsules or tasty powdered mix-ins.

Exciting Cocoa Flavanol Products

CocoaVia™ extract supplements come in capsule and powder options. Both are available in single and multiple supplies, and are a convenient way to get your cocoa flavanols every day. CocoaVia capsules are easy and convenient, but if capsules aren’t for you, CocoaVia powder are available in tasty powders mix-ins, which blend nicely in everything from milk to yogurt to oatmeal to water.  

Comparison: To get the same amount of cocoa flavanols in a 30-day supply of CocoaVia™, you’d have to eat more than 15 pounds of dark chocolate—or more than 38,000 calories and 3,840 grams of fat—with no guarantee of cocoa flavanol content.

The Difference that Makes the Difference

The primary difference between CocoaVia™ and other cocoa-based products lies in how the beans are processed. To preserve fresh cocoa beans’ abundant flavanols, Mars scientists developed a proprietary process that begins with the gentler handling of the raw cocoa beans all the way through to finished products. This proprietary process, known as Cocoapro®, begins from the moment the beans are harvested and continues through to the finished product, ensuring CocoaVia™ products have the highest possible levels of cocoa flavanols.

Another difference-maker: we know where our cocoa comes from; we use only the highest quality beans and can trace every bean back to the farmer who harvested it. So, from harvest to your hands, we ensure the highest quality in every CocoaVia™ product.

Want to learn more about how the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ can help your heart, brain, and entire body? Want to try the next big thing in cocoa flavanols and see for yourself the difference it makes? Visit today!

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