Image of a cocoa pod on a tree

A cocoa revolution.

You may be discovering the benefits of CocoaVia® daily cocoa extract supplement for the first time, but harnessing the power of cocoa flavanols is something Mars, Incorporated has been perfecting for more than three decades. Since the early ‘80s, Mars, Inc. has led the scientific revolution to improve human health through cocoa flavanols.

A mission of wellness.

The realization that cocoa flavanols could benefit the body began in 1982, when Mars, Inc. established the Mars Center for Cocoa Science in Brazil to learn first-hand about cocoa in a region where the plant is cultivated and grown. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Mars, Inc. scientists analyzed and measured the cocoa flavanols found within cocoa beans, discovering evidence that the flavanols affect the body’s cardiovascular system in positive ways. Numerous studies in leading publications demonstrate that cocoa flavanols promote healthy blood flow, supporting your total circulatory system.

When Mars, Inc. scientists discovered that traditional chocolate processing destroys beneficial cocoa flavanols, Mars, Inc. created and patented our special Cocoapro® process, which gently handles the cocoa beans to preserve and protect the cocoa flavanols inside. The Cocoapro® process is used to make our cocoa extract, which is the key ingredient in CocoaVia® supplement.

A breakthrough in Indonesia

Identifying an emerging cocoa growing industry in Indonesia, Mars, Inc. established a cocoa bean processing center there in 1996 to ensure access to the freshest, highest quality cocoa beans.

To ensure a sustainable cocoa crop in Indonesia, Mars, Inc. also established Cocoa Development Centers, which provide cocoa farmers with free training and demonstrations about sustainable farming practices.

The combined commitment to high quality scientific research and to the people of Indonesia come together to create CocoaVia® supplement. Our curiosity and drive for scientific discovery enabled us to develop and patent the Cocoapro® process. Our commitment to the cocoa farmers of Indonesia allow us to get the freshest, highest-quality cocoa beans available while helping to stabilize and strengthen the cocoa industry in that country.

Supporting the CocoaVia® team's mission to improve human health through evidence-based science, CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement delivers 375 mg cocoa flavanols in every serving — guaranteeing the highest concentration available in a cocoa extract supplement today.