Good For Your Brain.

Good for your brain

Proven Brain and Cognition Support

The brain is our command center. It’s active 24/7, even when we’re sleeping. It keeps us breathing, moving, thinking, feeling and doing. Taking good care of your brain health is, well… a no brainer. The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ have been proven to support brain health and cognitive function, keeping you sharp and performing at your best, every day.

Researchers found that cocoa flavanol consumption significantly increased subjects’ ability to recall words.

Food for thought: Cocoa flavanols are powerful, proven, plant-based nutrients derived from natural cocoa beans that help boost your brain power. 

The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ support brain health and cognitive function by promoting healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow allows your brain to get the continuous supply of oxygen and nutrients that it needs to perform at its best. And we have 20 years of research—including numerous cognition studies—to prove it.  

Check out this study which shows that taking cocoa flavanols daily can support healthy cognitive function.

In another study, the daily intake of cocoa flavanols was shown to significantly improve performance in several cognitive tests

Health blood flow starts with a healthy cardiovascular system. As your arteries and blood vessels lose elasticity over time, your blood may not circulate as efficiently as it used to, meaning your brain won't get all of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

Decades of rigorous research show that the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ help relax your arteries, promoting healthy blood flow and keeping your brain nourished.

Like this study showing acute cognitive improvements in healthy adults after consuming the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ supplement.

Healthy blood flow = a high-performing brain

A legacy of rigorous scientific research

Proven Benefits

Want more evidence that the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ help boost your brainpower? Click the link below go see additional studies.