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Product Attributes Memory+ Capsules Memory & Focus Cardio Health Cocoa Capsules Cardio Health Cocoa Powder
Product Image: Memory+
Cardio Capsule
CArdio Powder
Benefits: Improves long-term memory, spatial memory, and word recall Promotes Attention and Long-Term Memory Supports a strong heart and cardiovascular function Supports a strong heart and cardiovascular function
Cocoa Flavanol Content: 750 mg 200mg 500 mg 500 mg
Clinically Proven Ingredients
Epicatechin Content 135mg 135mg (added) 85mg 85mg
Additional Bioactive Ingredients   10mg FloraGlo, Lutein​ 50mg, Naturally-Sourced Caffeine    
Caffeine content 30mg (naturally occurring) 50mg (added) 25mg (naturally occurring) 30mg (naturally occurring)
Forms Capsule Capsule Capsules, Also available in Powder Powder, Also available in capsule
Vegan & Plant-Based
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