Heart Health Benefits of Cocoa Flavanols

good for your heart

Proven Cardiovascular Support

20+ years of scientific research. 150+ scientific papers. 30+ clinical studies. 1 key fact: cocoa flavanols are a game-changer for heart health.

The research is solid: cocoa flavanols help support a healthy heart by promoting healthy blood flow. And pumping up your cardiovascular system with the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ can help support healthy aging, healthy blood pressure, cognitive function and total-body health.

Your cardiovascular system is like a superhighway of blood vessels throughout your body, Blood vessels need to be wide open and flexible to keep blood circulating easily. This is critical because your blood delivers essential oxygen & nurtients to vital organs like your heart—allowing you to perform at your best every day. 

So how does it work? The cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia increase your body's natural production of nitric oxide, which helps relax arterial walls and helps blood vessels dilate.

This is critical for maintaining healthy blood pressure and blood flow throughout your body.

And we have proof. Like this study, showing that daily consumption of cocoa flavanols can increase blood flow and support healthy blood pressure.

Or this one, showing that even healthy men and women who consume a diet high in cocoa flavanols experience cardiovascular benefits like improved endothelial function!

A legacy of rigorous scientific research

Proven Benefits

Want more evidence that the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia™ help boost your brainpower? Click the link below go see additional studies.