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Good For Your Heart

Your cardiovascular system is a crucial part of your health, and it involves much more than just your heart. The miles of blood vessels are critical to your heart health. When your arteries are flexible, they are able to enable the smooth, easy flow of blood, head-to-toe, helping you stay healthy, from the inside! 

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Good for Your Brain

That’s why your brain depends on the constant replenishment of oxygen and nutrients in order to perform at its best. When your cardiovascular system is functioning at its peak, the function and performance of your brain are supported.

Good for Your Whole Body

Mars, Inc. has been studying cocoa flavanols for over 20 years. Over this time, numerous scientific studies have been published on how the body absorbs and transforms these flavanols, their safety, as well as how cocoa flavanols can work to help keep your whole body healthy — from the surface of your skin to the microbes in your gut.

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