Did you know?

  1. Memory supplements can contain a wide variety of ingredients, many of which make claims that are not backed by any scientific research.
  2. Cocoa flavanols are one of the most highly researched plant-based nutrients in the world. They are clinically proven to improve memory and brain function.
  3. To achieve improvements in memory, the research says you need to take 750 mg of cocoa flavanols daily.

There are a variety of dietary supplements on the market today that say they can help improve mental functioning and memory. They have different ingredients, different strengths, different delivery systems. Before you exhaust the very brain you’re trying to help out with these options, read a few tips for making the best choice for your goals and lifestyle.

Spoiler alert: The one criteria you should always demand is trustworthy scientific evidence of a supplement’s effectiveness. Don’t rely on hearsay or blind faith.

Step 1: Is A Memory Supplement The Right Supplement For You?

Memory problems start to worry many of us as we get older and for most of us, is a normal part of aging. But there are things you can do to help keep your brain and memory at its best for longer! The first line of support for brain health is a healthy lifestyle — you know the drill — exercise, a healthy diet, enough sleep, and managing your stress. However, if you are noticing a change in your pattern of remembering or you aren’t satisfied with the way your memory is working for you, you may want to give your brain some additional help.

For example:

  • Do you struggle to find the right word to describe what you’re thinking, even though you know it well?
  • Do you spend more time than you’d like looking for things you’ve misplaced, like keys, cell phone, eyeglasses, etc.?
  • Is it harder than it used to be to remember the details of procedures, information, or past events?

If you are having difficulties with any of these three kinds of memory, a memory supplement with a high level of cocoa flavanols may be right for you.,Cocoa flavanols have been clinically proven to improve these kinds of memory, so before you buy any supplement, be sure you know the science (or research) behind the product.

Memory Supplement Benefits

The right memory supplement can keep that active brain of yours thriving and ready for all the important things you want to do with it, now and in the future. A memory supplement with the right levels of cocoa flavanols can improve:

  • Word recall — retrieving names, words, and phrases
  • Spatial memory — finding your phone, remembering where your car is parked, remembering where your dentist’s office is located
  • Long-term memory — recalling important memories from years or decades ago

Step 2: Choose The Right Memory Supplement For Brain Health

Not all memory supplements are created equal. Look for these factors to make the choice easier.

  1. Backed by real science. Remember how we said this was the one criteria you should always demand? It’s your brain, after all. Cocoa flavanols are one of the most highly researched plant-based nutrients in the world. Cocoa flavanols have been clinically studied for the benefits to brain health, including memory, for over a decade and their benefits are backed by multiple published clinical studies. The bottom line: They are clinically proven to improve memory and brain function.
  2. Bioavailable. Scientists have found that the cocoa bean has a unique combination of flavanols found in no other food, and importantly, the key bioactive flavanol found in cocoa, (-)-epicatechin, is rapidly and effectively absorbed by your body. .
  3. Guaranteed level of the effective ingredient. In the case of cocoa flavanols, the level consistently found effective in research studies to improve memory is 750 mg when taken daily.
  4. Quality. Look for bioactives derived from fresh, known sources with strict quality standards and processed with care.

Step 3: Choose The Right Supplement For Your Lifestyle

It’s also important to select a supplement that fits your lifestyle. CocoaVia™ Memory+ capsules provide an effective level of cocoa flavanols in easy-to-take form.