Healthy Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate Recipe

Healthy Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate Recipe


  • 1 cup fat free chocolate milk
  • 1 tsp. instant espresso or coffee granules
  • 1 packet of CocoaVia Dark Chocolate Unsweetened or Sweetened supplement
Healthy Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate

Double chocolate goodness.
Perfect on a cold winter's day!


  1. Heat the milk and espresso in a small saucepan until hot but not boiling.
  2. Pour the CocoaVia into a serving mug.
  3. Top the CocoaVia with the hot chocolate milk.
  4. Stir to blend.

NOTE: Makes 1 serving

Nutritional Information

Calories 159, Calories from fat 5, Total fat 1g, Saturated fat 0g, Trans fat 0g, cholesterol 5mg, Sodium 181mg, Total carbohydrates 30g, Dietary fiber 1g, Sugars 22g, Protein 9g, Caffeine 30mg*, Cocoa Flavanols 450mg**

*30mg naturally occurring caffeine/packet

**Flavanol content determined by AOAC Official MethodSM 2012.24

CocoaVia™ Products Used In This Recipe

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