Incorporate a highly concentrated flavanol extract into your daily routine by choosing our cocoa flavanol capsules (which are often referred to as ‘cacao pills’). You can buy them online today and have them delivered directly to your house!

Our plant-based, vegan capsules are the most convenient way to get “the good stuff in dark chocolate” - heart and brain-boosting cocoa flavanols.

  • Supports cognitive, cardiovascular, and full-body health
  • Each serving (2 normal sized capsules) delivers a 450 milligram (mg) dosage of cocoa flavanols contents – the highest level per serving available amongst cocoa flavanol products on the market today
  • Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and over 20 years of scientific research studies
  • Take these excellent supplements/vitamins daily (with a drink of water) for multiple weeks to get the most out of these powerful plant-based nutrients!
      • Take 2 capsules daily for maximum heart and brain benefits
      • Consume both capsules at the same time
      • We recommend consuming capsules with food
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