Cocoa pod hanging on branch with minus epicatechin chemical structure

The Relationship Between Epicatechin & Flavanols

Apr 20

Did you know? Cocoa contains (-)epicatechin, which research has shown to be a readily and quickly-absorbed form of the compound. Cocoa flavanols are part of a family of flavonoids. (-)-Epicatechin is a key bioactive component in the mixture of flavanols found in cocoa. Epicatechin, cocoa flavanols, and the flavonoid family...

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Father running along side child riding learning to ride a bike

What Are Cocoa Flavanols?

Apr 12

Did you know? Cocoa flavanols have been shown to increase your body's natural supply of nitric oxide, a supermolecule that promotes healthy blood flow. Sources of cocoa flavanols include cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and cocoa beans. Most cocoa products don’t contain enough of cocoa flavanols for you to enjoy their...

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Couple and dog walking through field in the fall

Five Ways to Welcome Fall

Nov 6

Fall is the perfect time to pick up new activities. The temperature is dropping, and the breeze is picking up. Here are five easy ways you can welcome Fall: Take Long Mindful Walks Mindful movement, especially walking, is a great way to stay healthy and reduce stress. Research published by...

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Aging gentleman with glasses sitting at desk looking at architectural model

The Best Supplements for Brain Fog

Jul 21

We’ve all had that strange feeling—you know, that sense you’re forgetting to do something important but can’t remember what. Or maybe there’s a word on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite call it up. Then there’s the perennial favorite of walking into a room for one specific...

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