CocoaVia™ supports key aspects of short-term and long-term cardiovascular health

Increases nitric oxide levels

Keeps arteries flexible

Supports healthy blood pressure

Promotes energy levels

Super Powered By You

Cocoa flavanols increase your body's natural pool of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a supermolecule that supports your overall cardiovascular health.

  • Keeps your arteries flexible and healthy
  • Daily consumption of cocoa flavanols has been shown to support healthy blood pressure levels
  • Promotes healthy blood flow, supporting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues, helping you feel energized

All Cocoa Isn't Created Equal

CocoaVia™ was designed by scientists determined to unlock the true power of the cocoa bean

Proprietary Process

Traditional cocoa processing destroys cocoa flavanols, that's why we developed our proprietary Cocoapro® process. We partner with family farmers in Indonesia where fresh cocoa beans are dried within 48 hours of harvest, and carefully roasted to preserve the highest level of flavanols possible for our extract

A single serving of CocoaVia™ heart and brain drink mix packs 450mg of cocoa flavanols, that's 8X the amount in the leading 80% dark chocolate, and 10X the amount in a serving of the leading cocoa powder. *

*Based on latest 52-week sales data, Nielsen, April 2019. Nutritional information based on a 30g serving size for chocolate. High-percent cacao chocolate represents a product with >80% cacao.

Also want to improve your memory?

Along with providing all cardiovascular benefits, improve 3 aspects of your memory with CocoaVia™ Memory+

Word Recall

Retrieving names, words, and phrases

Spatial Memory

Finding your phone, remembering where you car is parked

Long Term Memory

Recalling important memories from years (or decades) ago

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Backed by 4 clinical studies, over 10 years of memory research, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, each 3-capsule serving of Memory+ contains 750mg of cocoa flavanols!

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